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First learning, training, teaching activity

Video vignette shooting, editing, editing and finishing


What technical and content skills do you need to shoot a video vignette? The answer to this question was the content of the three-day video workshop in Munich on the premises of the Ludwig Maximilians University on September 16-18, 2021.


Since video production is completely new territory for many project participants in VidNuT, who will later implement the vignettes from shooting to editing, the focus was on a practical application on the content, design and technical level. At the beginning of the event, the following task was given to the participating project groups: Create a short explanatory video for students, which makes it clear what a video vignette is and what the added value is. An example of the already impressively creative results can be found here .


With the help of the Design Thinking methodology, the course participants were not only taught the content for creating videos, but also the process and mindset behind Design Thinking. As a result, the participants were given a sustainable method tool that they can still use beyond filming the vignette. An important step in the qualification of the VidNuT designers has now been achieved, the conception and the shoot can now begin on site.

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