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Rouven B. Hills

Rouven B. Hills is a systemic and digital designer based in Munich. As a studied filmmaker and media designer, he worked as a freelancer, primarily for startups, sustainable companies and educational institutions. Concrete competencies are: Conception and implementation of audiovisual media (e.g. explanatory videos, image films, campaign videos, etc.), creation of (re) brandings for companies, holistic design of the digital presence (including web design), user experience design (optimization of user experiences, in digital and analog space), as well as imparting knowledge and skills in the form of workshops (video production, prototyping, creativity, design thinking, etc.).


Thanks to his many years of start-up experience and previous founding of a full-service agency, he knows entrepreneurial, communicative and creative interrelationships and brings them into project work.


Since 2019 he has been working with the aim of getting involved in companies and organizations that offer social, societal or ecological added value. In order to support this goal, he founded a collective of designers in the same year who pursue precisely this goal.


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