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VidNuT 5 - energy transfers

The topic is the lessons in elementary school about energy and its transmission through the various forces of nature such as water, wind and sun. What is the difference between two equal amounts of water at different heights? What happens when sunlight hits a solar panel? What is the relationship between our activity and what we eat? The approach is based on storytelling, using children's language and upgrading embodied concepts with reference to K. Egan's pedagogy. Children already have all the basic conceptual tools, and the teacher's job is to use these tools and teach children to be aware of them and to use them properly, including starting to effectively describe natural phenomena and the fundamentals for lay the development of their scientific skills.


Egan, K. (1997) The educated mind. How cognitive tools shape our understanding (Univ. Of Chicago Press).

Egan, K. (2010) An Imaginative Approach to Teaching (Jossey Bass Wiley).

Corni, F. (2013) Le scienze nella prima educazione (Erickson).

VidNuT Designer:  Leonardo Colletti

VidNuT Expert:
  Federico Corni

  Faculty of Education, Free University of Bolzano, Bressanone, Italy
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