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VidNuT 8 - electrical engineering

Video vignettes for teachers: internal training in general engineering lessons
Authentic video vignettes are to be developed and created to promote the professional perception of teaching by students in the general subject of technology. By making the vignettes of technology-related lessons accessible on an online platform, they can also be easily obtained and used in teacher training beyond the project team. In accordance with the cross-sub-project intention of VidNuT, the video vignettes are intended to generate impulses, in particular through the use of student ideas, which are anchored in the sub-project presented here in the content area of electrical engineering. Especially in electrical engineering, as a content area perceived as abstract by students, a practical representation of everyday school situations can be obtained for (university) teaching, which stimulates the prospective teachers to reflect on suitable didactic options for action.

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VidNuT Designer:  Martin Muller

VidNuT Expert:  Bernd Geissel

Institution: Ludwigsburg University of Education, Institute for Chemistry, Physics and Technology, Dept. of Technology and Your Didactics
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