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The UnterrichtsMitschau of the LMU Munich has been filming lessons for research and teaching since 1968. Together with various cooperation partners, it operates a portal for access-protected videographed lessons at The portal offers a variety of innovative options for working with lesson recordings. Videos from the lessons can be used as well as your own project-specific recordings.

In addition to the operation of, the tasks of the UnterrichtsMitschau include the creation of media for teaching, research as well as teacher training and further education. Current fields of activity include lecture recordings and their presentation on the Internet, teaching documentation and video productions as well as video-based process analyzes. It makes contributions to pedagogical action and development research, to subject didactic teaching and learning research and to teaching and school research in the context of educational science and teacher training.

In VidNuT, the UnterrichtOnline team is the project partner driving the technical implementation of new interactive task formats for video vignette analysis in the portal. Together with the entire project consortium, it will be discussed, developed, tested and evaluated how the promotion of professional teaching perception by students is optimized through the interlinking of video and task formats.

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