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VidNuT 1 - Redox

Video vignettes as a tool for professional teaching in chemistry
In addition to the chemistry notebook and the pen box, students also have a certain amount of prior knowledge from their own observations and ideas. This is often a challenge for teachers. It offers a point of contact for new content, but inappropriate ideas make it difficult to convey portable concepts. When it comes to redox reactions, many people think that “something” is lost when it is burned because it is released into the air. Although technically demanding, the important redox chemistry should not be banned from teaching in lower secondary level: transfer of oxygen from one partner to another, disproportionation, etc. There are many points of contact in everyday life. In order to incorporate ideas into the classroom, professional classroom perception is part of the basic repertoire. However, it is particularly difficult for young teachers to teach and observe at the same time. This is exactly where the use of video vignettes in teacher training is supposed to tie in with. The aim is to give students a tool with which they can learn perception at their own pace.

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VidNuT Designer:  Antoinette Dechant, Elif Kocak

VidNuT Expert:  Axel Eghtessad

Institution: Tyrol University of Education, Institute for didactic and educational research and development 
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