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Elzbieta Drążkiewicz

Elzbieta Drążkiewicz received a PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Cambridge. She is a Senior Research Fellow at the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava and a Lecturer at the Anthropology Department of Vienna University. Previously she was assistant professor (2016-2020) and held a Marie Curie Fellowship (2014-2016) at Maynooth University, Ireland. She specializes in political anthropology and global-political economy. Her current focus is on the intersection of science, state, and health economies, particularly in regard to vaccination and the ways in which citizens, health professionals, and state officials negotiate their own, often conflicting, agendas. Between 2016-2020 she served as a Board Member on the COST Action Comparative Analysis of Conspiracy Theories. Apart from working in Higher Education Dr Drazkiewicz has also strong interest in communicating science to children. In the past she worked with Children's University in Warsaw, at present she is teaching anthropology at the Brilliant Stars primary school in Bratislava. Her interest in science communication brought her to VidNuT project where she supports teams involved in vignette production by offering anthropological insights regarding user experience.

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