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VidNuT 3 - Nature of Science

Nature of Science vignettes

An appropriate understanding of science is discussed under Nature of Science (NOS) in natural science didactics. It is considered to be an important component of general education and scientific literacy in societies with a scientific and technical background.

However, the international research situation shows that learners and their teachers have little awareness of central aspects of scientific cognitive processes such as their social embedding and social and institutionally anchored practice.

In the VidNuT sub-project on Nature of Science, teaching videos are created for teacher training that are dedicated to central NOS aspects and are used to analyze and discuss alternative courses of action in concrete science lessons.


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VidNuT Designer:  Tim Billion-Kramer

VidNuT Expert:
  Markus Rehm

   Heidelberg University of Education,  Department of Chemistry,  Institute for General Education,  
   Institute for Natural Sciences, Geography and Technology
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