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Second learning, teaching, training activity

From 11.07.2022 up to and including 14.07.2022 the second Learning, Teaching, Training Activity took place at the Pädagogische Hochschule Tirol. Usually, LTTAs are an opportunity for knowledge transfer between VidNuT experts and VidNuT designers and an exchange among designers. At this meeting, however, the Critical Friends, who were reviewing the project, also came along to look at the work done so far from a different perspective and then give feedback and suggestions for improvement to the designers. 

After the opening and input from the two project leaders Axel Eghtessad and Sebastian Goreth and a recap of the most important things from the previous meetings, an interesting and thought-provoking talk on post-digitality by Uni.-Prof. Dr. Jan Grünwald followed. Afterwards a posterwalk took place, where for each subproject a poster was created in advance by the designers, which were presented to the project members in the posterwalk. In the next block, the groups exchanged information about the video shoots and the vignette editing, while the Critical Friends were given further insights into the project. The evening was dedicated to teambuilding, and some of the colleagues rappelled down the building of the PH Tirol as part of the summer university program. 


The rest of the project meeting was very input-heavy, but also very effective with a workshop by Robert Meyer on how to integrate the vignettes into UnterrichtOnline, how to use the new functions for working with the VidNuT vignettes with task formats for dealing with student presentations, while Rouven B. Hills was available to answer questions about vignette editing. 


Active participation and flawless collaboration among project members made for an effective and enriching meeting. Work on the design of the VidNuT eLearning modules is now in full swing.

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