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VidNuT 10 - cover

Learner ideas on the subject of envelope in textile design

At the Lucerne University of Education (CH), the design and technology department develops  eLearning modules with video vignettes for dealing with preconceptions of 5th and 6th grade students in textile design, which will be implemented from autumn 2022 as part of primary teacher training in the module “conveying design and technology”. The financial support from Movetia, the Swiss agency for exchange and mobility, made it possible to bring the expertise of the PH Luzern in the subject didactics of textile design and in the vignette and video analysis into the project.


Thematically, the focus is on “textile covers”, which are illuminated from a functional or constructive perspective, for example. For the production of the video vignettes, teachers develop and carry out a specific series of lessons with pointed tasks so that preconcepts can be seen and documented. The eLearning modules with the video vignettes will be enriched with additional specialist and subject-related didactic information, which initiates well-founded analyzes based on questions and promotes the subject-specific, professional teaching perception of the students.

VidNuT Designer:  Doris Graber, Verena Zollinger

VidNuT Expert:  Dorothee Brovelli

Institution: Lucerne University of Education, Institute for Didactics of Nature, People, Society
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