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VidNuT 7 - robots or robot-like machines

Video vignettes for schoolchildren: inside ideas about robots or robot-like machines

The general education schools are faced with the didactic challenge of imparting skills and competencies to the pupils in order to be able to find their way in a world that is increasingly characterized by technology; new occupational fields and forms of production already require this understanding of technology. In this technological world, robots and robot-like machines are playing an increasingly important role (Nepper et al., 2021).

Against the outlined background and due to the fact that pupils' ideas have an outstanding role in the teaching-learning processes of pupils (Gropengießer & Marohn, 2018), the focus in this sub-project should be on ideas about robots or robot-like machines. On the basis of empirical preliminary studies, video vignettes are created that can be used in teacher training. Specifically, this includes the purpose and use of robots in everyday life as well as their structure and functionality.


Gropengießer, H. & Marohn, A. (2018). Student presentations and conceptual change. In D. Krüger, I. Parchmann & H. Schecker (eds.), Theories in Scientific Didactic Research (49–67). Springer spectrum.

Nepper, HH, Hecher, N., Ruch, A. & Goreth, S. (2021). Technical imaginations of students. MNU Journal, 74 (1), 72-78.

VidNuT Designer:  Leah Camilla Rusch

VidNuT Expert:  Sebastian Goreth

Institution: Tyrol University of Education, Institute for didactic and educational research and development
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